Video Footage of Gobbling and Strutting Wild Turkey HEN

"As a die-hard turkey hunter," Anthony Virga says in the video, "having what we had happen just now, is absolutely incredible."

A strutting and gobbling wild turkey hen captured on video? Yeah, it's pretty uncommon (see another video below showing this as well).

Does this wild turkey hen strut and even gobble to show dominance over its territory? That's a good possibility. The bird moves toward the staked hen decoy. And Virga was hen yelping.

Also, Virga mentions he was working a gobbler off in the other direction the way we turkey hunters do. Was this hen showing dominance over the hen deke in anticipation of the gobbler arriving on the scene?

One interesting physical characteristic on this wild hen is its chest feathers are a little less brown-tipped and rounded than you typically see on female turkeys. Still clearly a hen though.

As a side note, we once saw and filmed this in Vermont after a fall turkey flock scatter. The brood hen strutted (but didn't gobble) while assembly yelping to the scattered group.

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