Turkey Ammo and Shotgun Choke Review

We put some Winchester, Remington, Hevishot, and more to the test out of our Mossberg 835 and 535 shotguns at 40 yards. We used a stock, Carlson, and Jebs chokes.l and got different results for each.

What are using you using to hunt turkeys with? Let us know in the comments below.

If you have any pointers feel free to share those as well.

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Ryan Baker - February 26, 2019

Good video

Jay Mitchell - February 28, 2019

Great video guys, I shoot the 835 as well. Longbeards, 3.5, #5's and Kicks gobblin thunder choke. I have good patterns out to 55 yards. Love the 835, had it for 25 years! Good luck this season, I'll be down here in Jasper county, Shadydale.

Donovan Murray - March 19, 2019

Mossberg 835 with a Carlson's Bass Pro Blackout Choke tube and Winchester Longbeards 3.5 inch, 2 ounce #5. I love that over bored barrel!

Jay Finlayson - April 2, 2019

What’s the constriction on those chokes?

walmark45 - April 2, 2019

Benelli Super Nova Pump with Nitro Ammo shells. Jellyhead choke @ 40yrds. 12inch pie plate. 302 pellets on plate

357bobbob - April 25, 2019

Are you sure that the first shot was not 9 pellet 00 buckshot? The holes in the cardboard a 5 times the size of any other shot, and just happened to be 9 holes.

Bryan Titus - April 25, 2019

I shoot a standard 535 ATS with mossbergs unported .570 xx-full.

My best load is the 2oz 3.5 longbeard #5. True 60+ yard combo. I will say that Remington 3" nitro turkey #6 patterned better for me at rangefinder verified 44yd (ranged it after I put it out, was good enough) and it patterned better than every non-longbeard load you guys fired.

On the same day, my cousin was patterning his turkey thugs thumbhole stock 535 with the ported Mossberg xx-full, he had respectable patterns from 3.5 federal 3rd degree, but he only is using those because he didn't have his longbeard 3.5 #5 that is also his go to.

My personal opinion is that while #4 shot certainly has it's merits for penetration, it simply doesn't have enough pellets to hold good long range patterns. And #6 don't have the ability to reliably penetrate at longer ranges. Id say 50 yards with #6 shot is a realistic max even though patterns may lead you to believe otherwise. #5 shot carries enough thump to kill clean at 60+ as well as keeping pattern density at those ranges. While I don't have any real scientific evidence to back this, especially with the differences in muzzle velocities available, it seems to hold merit with my own personal experiences.

BTW…. We pattern off a lead sled. No sore shoulders for us. My turkey gun is also my shotgun only zone deer gun. And POI is over a foot different at 50yd. So I have to re-zero every season. No sore shoulders here.


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