Top 5 Deer Hunting Myths

There is a simple concept as to why there are so many deer hunting myths out there: Every deer hunter is an expert. Once a deer hunter has a few decent bucks under his or her belt and has hunted for 5-10 years, they are highly experienced. However, once a hunter has hunted for a few decades they are a true hunting professional and every piece of advice they spread is the gospel – right? What I find is that there is a lot of truth and a whole lot of myth mixed in. There a few deer hunting myths that have passed down for generations and while they sound good on paper, these myths are not realistic in the deer hunting woods. No matter how much hunting respect you have for Grandpa Larry or Uncle Willy, these deer hunting myths are made to be busted…

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Jedidiah - November 27, 2019

I get out of my truck ,light my cigar, load my rifle, walk down the trail shoot my deer…. if not I do the same thing the next day until I get my buck…usually takes a day or two….I paid 20 bucks for my rifle, no scope or a front sight….there you go boys…easy peasy.

Jason M - November 27, 2019

What is your opinion on Ozoinx ?

Steven Pritchard - November 28, 2019

You white tail hunters come out to the west coast and hunt black tail you will go home so pissed off. And hunt BLM property not on a ranch or private land. Not in a tree stand or a ground blind. Spot and stock.

Redneck guitar - November 29, 2019

The only advice I have for hunting big bucks is don’t hunt places that look suitable for bucks, hunt places that look suitable for does because the bucks will go where the does are

Patrick McKenzie - November 29, 2019

I remember hunting deer in Wyoming with my best friend we saw a huge mule deer crossing a small river by the time we got pulled over down by the river the deer was just coming out of the water looking pretty scared. We both jumped out of the jeep Jeff took a shot then I took a shot by the time I got the cap back on the bottle that deer was long gone.

HillCountry Whitetail Outdoors - November 30, 2019

I don't think anyone will ever perfect deer hunting. ive hunted with plenty of guys who "know it all". truth is yeah we will try things people say if we don't know but even when we know, the deer will prove us wrong. we just have to do our best to put ourselves in a good situation to earn the deer. time and knowledge will always help.

Brockton Ma. - December 1, 2019

Dude. Get to the fuckn point.

skulledmonte84 - December 2, 2019

6:07 Dezz Nutz

Temeren Pfaffenberger - December 4, 2019

Your sent does not effect the deer but don’t let them smell you

MarinePreacher American - December 7, 2019

Never fprget my dad, little brother and I hunting when we were kids. My little brother says I gotta pee. Dad throws hime a Gatorade bottle. He pees in it and then dumps it out. Hahahahaha well there goes the hunt. Nothing will ever come around now….. Obviously we learned better later on in life.

UnDeafWolf - December 13, 2019

Oh yeah I shot a doe same spot and gutted her right in my area dragged her got all jacked up messy mf and went out next day and two bucks appeared I shot the biggest one

John McMorris - December 13, 2019

Not sure I'm totally on board with the noise being that critical. I think it depends on where you are hunting. If you are in a wilderness area where deer have low human contact then absolutely, metallic noise is poison. But if you are hunting in farm country or especially a suburban area where people live within a few hundred yards of most of your hunting area, deer tend to build up a tolerance for some noise. So a deer 200 yards away may not be affected by a squeak or ting of metal. I think a deer 50 yards away would definitely "go on alert" and might move off.

Ethan Ilsley - December 23, 2019

I piss in a bottle and use that as hand warmers. It’s pretty ducking disgusting but yeah. Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes when it’s really fucking cold out.

Pastor William Barhorst - December 29, 2019

No sound for this video.

Doug Risse - January 6, 2020

That deer tastes good: is number one

NM D. - January 8, 2020

Uhh, did my post get deleted? Was just sharing my scent tips…man, that took a long time to type wth.

Tyler Runs - January 8, 2020

But if you are the ground they can smell you from experience. Recently my friend and I were hunting in a large patch on some nice land. Our hunting house was on the ground and we got into the house at about 3pm in the afternoon. At about 4 pm two deer came in the patch, a 6 point and a doe, the two deer were traveling together. After about 20 minutes the buck notified something, and he was looking over by our hunting house. After looking by us for 5 minutes he decided to run off, but he didn’t make the blowing noise. I’m not sure if it was our scent or if he saw me. We waited until about 5 and two more deer cars into the patch. After watching those deer for a while we heard the blowing noise back to our left in a corner of the patch we could not see. This deer definitely smelled us, so be careful if you are hunting on the ground because the deer will smell your scent.

Domino Diamond - January 9, 2020

You seem to know a lot about deer.
I have a question.
Why would a doe have a 4-7
day old fawn on November 20th

Patrick Ragni - January 13, 2020

I tried apple cider once gave me the runs. Deer don't like a man with the runs . Just saying! Note to self, drink water stop the Apple

Ralph Forehand - February 4, 2020

This year I bought ar10 chambered in the 308 I forgot to load the gun. Had five deer walk out. They were 160 and 170. Yards away I don't know if you've ever heard the sound of an AR-10 staying loaded But the deer never looked up. I ended up shooting four of them. So every little noise you make are not going to scare every deer what are in 200 yards of you. In my old age I don't have a bowel movement control. So I took a dump. Within 10ft. Of a scrap need day when I came back there was another scrap about 10ft the other side of were I took the dump hard to believe but it happened

Austin Gibson - February 6, 2020

I know I'm way behind on subscribing and watching all of your videos but I'm in dire need of assistance! I have gotten more information from you than anyone or anything I've ever read or watched. I just purchased a 75 acre parcel last year and this will be the first off-season owning it and I'm ready to get started on making this a prime whitetail habitat. I've got a million questions but the one I need to ask first is what app do you use to draw out different plots, bedding areas etc? I seen you use it in one of your other videos.

Jamie Fox - February 13, 2020

I don’t know if you read the comments but I’ve been micro managing our home property for like well a long time since I was like 12 yrs old for rabbits back then deer and all wild life! I’m now a subscriber and proud of it I wish I knew you or had this info 30 years ago and love your up front perspective WOW you educated me a lot just when I thought I knew a little I learned a lot and still watching videos from you all thumbs up! we just found your channel my daughter and I love doing habitat management and are learning more every day with your help thank You! I wish to someday meet you in person heck who knows maybe even hire you if I can alright enough just saying thanks. One video I found Awsome was the deer rant you had unbelievable your 100% right and thank you again I buy and plant lots of mixes with so so results no wander mostly fillers especially the sweet beet mixes thanks also just place order for switch grass at local feed store for year’s I’ve been looking for something fir a border that not as permanent as trees bingo done and yes I’ve planted lots of evergreens for borders worked just there kinda permanent. I’m from west/central I-80 corridor of Pennsylvania if you have a name brand of switch grass seed you prefer let us know ok thanks. C . Fox

KJames Jr - February 26, 2020

I’ve had deer walk through my property while mowing with the lawn tractor. They don’t really seem to care about noise or people.

Phil Metcalf - April 18, 2020

I used to carry a pee bottle up into my stand. I forgot it one time when I went in light packed and wouldn't you know it, but right at prime time, I had to go. So I peed off the back of my stand thinking maybe the deer won't catch wind of it since it was downwind. Nope I had a deer come in downwind and walked right over to where I peed. Sniffed the wet leaves and continued on out in front of me unalarmed. Never worried about it again.

MICHAEL BERRIOS - April 29, 2020

What kind of pants are those?


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