Proven Compound Bow Setup and Tuning Tips

Setting up and tuning a compound bow correctly will greatly improve its accuracy, hunting penetration and reliability. The process can be intimidating, but can be accomplished with the help of a professional bow technician, or on your own. D&DH Editor Gordy Krahn’s new Mathews Triax is outfitted and we get a bunch of great compound bow setup and tuning tips along the way. Season 7. Episode 11.

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Jared Thompson - May 15, 2018

I know he knows what he's doing but, pulling it back with fingers and no arrow?

B Wi - May 31, 2018

Where was the tuning tips

JacobyMN - September 20, 2018

Dan setup my Realm. Small world

Boxing 101 - October 23, 2018

Don't take shooting tips from a guy who shoots fingers out and then grips during the shot kids LOL

Jeremy Ramirez - November 7, 2018

What sight was that?

aqeel77za - November 26, 2018

Super unsafe draw there.

Jari Kuusisto - December 17, 2018

So, what about arrow selection, and actual tuning? This was just an accessory install, if even that…

Zac Sells - January 19, 2019

Grand total of zero useful tips in this video…..

Reality Theory - January 20, 2019

Sooo, the only thing I got from this video was that a grown man punches the trigger and anticipates the shot more than I did when I first started

Jake4595 - June 8, 2019


James - December 1, 2019

I searched for "how to tune a compound bow" and this is what I got. Absolutely useless video with zero tuning tips. It's just an old man asking someone else to set up his new bow.


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