Keep The Bugs Away With BioShield

I’ve been trying a new product this summer for doing battle with ticks and mosquitoes while camping with my family, hanging out on our farm, and for scouting runs to the deer woods. It’s called BioShield. I honestly didn’t give it much thought beyond the fact that it was a nice, family-friendly product that I could use for my wife and kids. But the more I looked into the concept, I really liked what I was seeing.

BioShield is an all-natural repellent designed to help you do battle with mosquitoes, ticks, and more.

BioShield is powered by NeuroRX. NeuroRX was developed by pharmacists with prescription strength results… and is a proprietary formula of Portland Outdoors. NeuroRX works by attacking a neurotransmitter found only in insects. Neurotransmitters control the heart rate and metabolism. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and bed bugs produce a neurotransmitter called octopamine.

NeuroRX blocks the octopamine, causing a complete shutdown of the central nervous system… killing insects nearly instantaneously. Octopamine is found only in insects. Humans and other mammals, birds and fish do not produce octopamine. NeuroRX is safe to use around children and pets but is deadly to insects when used as directed.

No DEET, no problems. BioShield is a product that’s safe for the whole family.

It’s an all-natural insect repellent  that has a much more pleasing fragrance to it than most bug sprays on the market. I’ll do some more testing as to whether BioShield’s aroma attracts or repels deer, but I’m thinking the peppermint oil and other plant based ingredients could possibly draw deer out of curiosity to the smell. We’ll see.

Get it on Amazon today:  Bioshield All Natural Insect Repellant

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