Introducing the Easton BowSlicker Bow Sling

To help western and whitetail bowhunters protect their valuable archery rigs in the field, Utah-based Easton Archery has unveiled its new BowSlicker bow sling.

Easton BowSlicker Bow Sling (Photo courtesy of Easton Archery)

As bowhunters climb up western mountains and hillsides chasing high country elk and mule deer, not to mention walking through the dense whitetail woods to a deer hunting stand, protecting an archery rig from damaging sticks, limbs, rocks, and other accuracy killing in-the-field hazards can be quite a challenge.

Longtime archery giant Easton Archery has a new solution for such equipment damaging dilemmas with the introduction of the Utah based company’s new BowSlicker bow sling.

Developed in collaboration with Alpine Innovations, Easton notes that its new bow sling protects strings, cables, cams, and peep sights on hunting bows up to 36-inches axle-to-axle length. What’s more, the sling’s patented limb-loop design distributes weight around the perimeter of the bow, helping to keep everything in place while also eliminating the risk of the bow slipping out of the sling and getting damaged during transport.

All in all, the new Easton BowSlicker bow sling is an easy to use and practical carrying and protection system for a bowhunter’s dialed in compound bow. What’s more, the new BowSlicker product is already out to market and is currently available at authorized Easton dealers or online by clicking here.
Contact: Easton Archery; 801-539-1400

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