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General Elk Hunting Tips with Kristy Titus

Calling and being a successful archery elk hunter is simply time on the mountain learning to judge elk behavior, what they are telling you with their vocalizations, and putting all of that information together to create the best strategy that you can with the information that you know at the time. In the latest episode […]

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Know-How: Five Elk-Calling Don’ts

At first light I was sitting on a Montana mountainside listening. Somewhere in the drainages below an elk had bugled. I spotted tan shapes passing between stands of aspen. Just as my game plan was forming I heard another hunter bugle from the horse trail a half-mile back. I winced and held my breath. Though the […]

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The Best Setup for Bowhunting Elk

(John Hafner photo)For me, the annual highlight of archery elk edges out the November whitetail rut for sheer bowhunting enthusiasm. There’s something about elk. They’re big and wear a lot of bone, but there’s more to it than this; a gregarious nature, majestic terrain and the proactive hunting style (no sitting for me; you can have water-holes and […]

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