How To Use A Box Call For Turkey Hunting

How To Use A Box Call For Turkey Hunting. I am going to show you how to use primos single side box cutter box call. I believe that a box call is very under rated and is almost a call that is overlooked. Using the box call to call in spring turkeys is a very good option when nothing else seems to be working. I will show you how to hen yelp with the box call. I will also show you how to cluck with the box call. And I will also show you an advance spring turkey hen call which is the cutting of an excited hen.

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Ron C - April 4, 2018

Nice tutorial! I've never seen that model…the thumb groves are pretty nice!.. No idea where that phrase came from…but I'll "google" it. Be safe.

Cave Troll - April 4, 2018

Nice break down of using a box caller.. I normally just ride down the road to find turkeys around here. lol lol

CrappieDev - April 5, 2018

Thanks for the thumb trick..

Trina Clapsaddle - April 9, 2018

Amazing stuff!

Seriously? -*-hal9000 - May 10, 2018

Nice instructions, thanks for the great tips ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan Mcghee - May 28, 2018

Great sounding call but no hen slides into a yelp

richard murray - September 9, 2018

Nicely done Mike! I myself am also a box lover and have several and am also thinkin heavily about making custom boxes in the near future. Richar from Kansas;)

WizardofAhhhs 75 - February 5, 2019

You don't need a cutter box unless it's really windy, they're made to be higher pitched to cut the wind.

Yeet patato - March 4, 2019

Does the left hand side make sounds to?

Leroy Jenkins - March 5, 2019

Might want to ease off the caffeine there buddy.

pensnut08 - March 14, 2019


Christina Boswell - April 2, 2019

I have this box call and it is my favorite. Great video.

J C - April 15, 2019

Thanks for the tips. Killed my first turkey yesterday. Iโ€™m hooked.

Hell Yeah - November 9, 2019

He works it like you do.


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