Deer Calling Tips | How to Grunt Deer into Bow Range

There are a ton of deer calling tutorials out there, but none like this one! We use actual hunts to show you how to call to deer. Bow hunters see deer crossing at a distance all the time, but will never come into range. It is in those situations you can use a grunt call to bring them right to your tree! We walk you through a few different encounters with deer that all required slightly different calling tactics to get the deer to come into range. We show you hunts where calling worked, and hunts where it didn’t work, and explain why. This is the best and most relatable deer calling video on YouTube.
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tree Climbing - October 30, 2018

Nice to see grunting in action. I use grunts a lot and screw up sometimes.
But they do work well. In hot spots I have gotten more Bucks than I’d thought.
Often 3 at a time which ruins any chance to draw and shoot from a tree stand.

Murder Inc. Hunting - October 31, 2018

Good info

Vital Point - October 31, 2018

Great video, and nice that you tried it into real examples. Good luck.

Ron Lanzo - November 1, 2018

Great instructional video! I’ve not had much luck with either calls or rattling but want to try this season!

Andy Brooks - November 2, 2018

Sweet video. What is a good grunt tube?

Rick Parshall - November 5, 2018

Very helpful!! Like he said below, it was nice to get it into context.. I feel like when I call it doesn't work at all, calling blind as I see nothing but it is pretty heavy cover area on state land so they are probably around and see me before I see them… even with several minutes between a simple little grunt… so I have basically stopped trying to call and still see nothing.. not sure what to do

Cloudii_Skxys - September 26, 2019

I just wonna pet it-

Joel Samonie - October 7, 2019

Well done chap.

Steffen Outdoors - October 20, 2019

Works well in heavy cover. Rattling does too. If the deer can’ see for a long distance it doesn’t seem to work as well for me. I rattle blind and in certain areas I’ll grunt blind also.
Impressive how calling to deer in sight worked for you. I may adjust my grunt style a bit…

Calvin Howard - October 21, 2019

nice grunting, don't really know how many deer I've taken grunting. been doing it for years

Jeff R - October 21, 2019

great video, thanks

from Ontario - October 22, 2019

Can any of you recommend a good grunt tube? I think I lost my old one. Thanks in advance!

Monkey Hunter - October 26, 2019

Thanks for the footage and gruntin it out. Sound like you have a clothespin on your nose weird to listen to dude. Read the >—–FOC–> Ashby Reports on Arrow Lethality: THE MOST IMPORTANT BOWHUNTING RESEARCH EVER PUBLISHED! Your welcome PUNK!
What the FOC you waitin for? You can make quartering to shots with the right arrow bro.

Forest hoe - October 27, 2019

GREAT video sir the best one of yt hands down!!!! Also love those beautiful woods, what state?

M Ross - October 28, 2019

I appreciate your self control. I know too many yahoos that would be flinging arrows at these monsters despite the distance, foliage, or quartering-to scenarios. So many times they're losing deer and complaining about it. The way I look at it, taking careful shots should almost never result in lost deer.

GoodRedBlackRatio - October 28, 2019

Really great video, thanks for posting it!

James Bond - October 29, 2019

Gotta love Ohio am I right?

Jacob gilbert - October 30, 2019

Great calling, work on your scent control.

Payne Killer - October 31, 2019

Easily the most tantalizing frustrating videos I've every watched and I've watched a lot of videos Haha

Kiecker _TV - November 5, 2019

The last one would be the perfect shot for me because I rifle hunt

Logan Pearson - November 6, 2019

You could of cuter punched everyone of these deer… smh

stick jr. - November 7, 2019

You get winded a lot man!. What the hell?. Good video though. Good training tool for the new hunters. Good info man.

theo fishing - November 8, 2019

Best calling video out there, sweet to see it in action!

Dan Schumacher, D.C. - November 12, 2019

Do you blind call..or only when you see deer???? if you do blind often…etc..


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