Bowstring Maintenance – How To Wax Strings

During my archery pro shop days, one of my most commonly fielded questions from customers was regarding their bowstring: When should I replace this? How long should this set last? Do I need aftermarket strings?

The string and cable set on your bow is literally the lifeblood of the entire operation. Good strings will keep cams in sync and your bow in top shooting order. Still, I often encountered a lot of misinformation pertaining to string care and materials used as well as the overall importance of a quality set of strings. In the following article, I’ll go over some of the most important factors when it comes to analyzing your own strings as well as the proper steps to take when purchasing a new set.

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Forrest Earnest - August 9, 2019

How appropriate. I just bought some bow string wax last night and am about to wax up the ole fraying string on my PSE FireFlite 33 in LH that I have had since 2006. Sadly she has not seen action outside of some preseason and in season target practice over the last 13 years, but I am hopeful 2019 will be the year that changes and I get my first archery whitetail doesn't matter if it is a doe or buck.
Don't think I didn't notice that your bowstring set up matches GoHunt colors in the orange, black and white, same as your jacket. Thanks for sharing a quick pro tip, always appreciated.

Picard 80 - August 9, 2019

Thanks for the video. When you change your string every year, do you also change your cables?

Dre Sted - August 9, 2019

I hit a thumbs up, been a great video series. Got turned on to a few products I was unaware of.

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, 2 thumbs up for shooting a man sized bow.

Dominique Lawson - August 9, 2019

I live in Arizona all the archery shops here tell you to break your string in about 3 months & then wax after every other use. Due to the dry heat we have in Arizona it frays the string quicker if wax isnt applied.

God sees all!!! - August 9, 2019

2-3 times a year??? Boy you better get out and shoot more LOL 🤣🤣

Warmoose Outdoors - August 10, 2019

Waxing your string isn’t a good idea wax changes in the environmental condition so why put something that changes onto your string. Also wax collects dust dirt and particulate. And now your rubbing that debris into the string cutting the fibers. If you have “fuzz” rubbing it in or essentially hiding it doesn’t make your string strong again.

Drew Allen - August 12, 2019

Loving these info videos. Please keep doing more things like this.

Dennis G - August 12, 2019

LOL a how-to video without actually doing it…

Dutch1722 - August 13, 2019

You strike me as the guy who has a new bow almost every year.

Easton Bowhunting - August 16, 2019

Great video guys! Here is the link for the Dr. D 3-Step String Maintenance Kit.

Paul Newton - October 2, 2019

Hey what company makes those strings and what color is that I have the same bow and color really digging the way it looks

R.C. ATV - January 27, 2020

Rubbing it actually creates hot spots where it could damage the string. Should get the wax hot first so it soaks in when you put it on.

Erich Diehl - April 17, 2020

So I've got a Barnett Vengeance crossbow that has been sitting unused in an unused bedroom at home for the last three years. It's strung but obviously not cocked. Is it still safe to use or should I have it restrung?

Little bit of everything - September 8, 2020



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