Bow Setup: Installing the D-Loop and Rest (Part 1)

In this 4-part archery series, Elk101’s Corey Jacobsen walks you through a tutorial on setting up a new bow.

In this video (Part 1), he’ll demonstrate the first step to setting up a new bow: tying in your “D-Loop” and attaching your rest.

The 4-Part Bow Setup Video Series includes instruction on:

Part 1: Installing “D-Loop” and Rest – THIS VIDEO
Part 2: Tying in a Peep Sight and the Rest Cord –
Part 3: Adjusting the Rest and Paper Tuning –
Part 4: Tuning the Bow for Broadheads –

Equipment used in this video include:

Prime Rize bow
HHA Virtus Rest
BlackEagle Spartan 300 arrow

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geoff lewis - March 5, 2019

Woohoo Woohoo

Frank Garcia - March 5, 2019

Thanks Corey! I always enjoy educational videos! Keep up the great work.

Dyna - March 5, 2019

Would consider tying in nock sets and check arrow level prior to tie on D loop…..metal speed nocks can be notorious for coming loose and flying off

Wapiti - March 6, 2019

Excellent program Cory

Lance Barenberg - March 8, 2019

Nice Cory thank you..I've always tied clove hitches in opposite directions because i didn't know how to tie that..I'm guessing a pair of needle nose ran backwards in the d loop would work to stretch it out

tim c - March 14, 2019

brand on the clamp holding bow?

PBS #007 - April 17, 2019

please make a tool list thanks.

Tim Abney - May 16, 2019

Hey Corey, how do you determine where to put the nock point?


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