Best Turkey Broadheads Reviews For The Money (2018)

Hunting turkeys with a bow and arrow is really fun and a great way to spend your quality time outdoors…Until you fire an arrow at your target bird and when you think it’s dead and ready for collecting, it just runs away.

A wasted bird? Yes, it is. Sorry, no delicious meat on the table today!

And that’s chiefly because of the choice of your arrowheads; they just don’t paralyze the turkey enough to make it stay.

Today, I’m about to give you what you need so that you’ll never go home empty handed again- the ten truly affordable, best of the best turkey broadheads on the market!

These are specially made to pierce through a turkey and clean-kill it instantly (in most cases), so you’ll never have to count the number of birds you lost again.

Let’s discover more about these unique broadheads…



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Arrowdynamic Gobbler Guillotine Broadhead

Kill Switch Dead 150 Grain Turkey Hunting Broadhead Arrowhead

BloodSport Wraith Broadheads Turkey Body Shot

New Archery Products 100 Grain 3-Pack Spitfire Gobbler Getter

Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

What's a Turkey Broadhead?

Surprisingly, a good number of turkey hunters- beginners as well as those who have been in the game before- don’t know that there exist special broadheads for hunting these wild birds.

If you’re one of these hunters, all that will change right now because I’ll tell you everything you’d want to know and hear about this handy turkey hunting gear.

A turkey broadhead is designed to penetrate the toughest of the gobblers and make them hit the ground with a single shot. Upon making an impact with your target, these arrowheads will create huge entry wounds and create massive internal destructions that “disables” the bird instantly.

For them to execute their intended job efficiently, turkey broadheads come with exceptional sturdiness. This allows them to penetrate even the toughest sections of your target without breaking down like other heads.

Moreover, their blades feature full cutting diameters that help them quickly cut through the flesh of bird and even make an exit, promoting a more visible blood trail of your target.

The modern turkey broadheads have been fully customized, integrating even more special features, to help you get the most of your turkey hunting trips as we’ll see in our top-rated turkey broadhead reviews below.

10 Best Turkey Broadhead Picks:

1. Arrowdynamic Gobbler Guillotine Broadhead Review:

First up on our list of the ten most favored turkey broadhead reviews is the Gobbler Guillotine Broadhead that comes 100% specialized to perform only one purpose- taking down turkeys and other birds. Mind you; this was the first ever turkey broadhead to hit the market.

For this reason, its ever-rising popularity among hunters in the USA goes unquestioned.

Even more amazing, it’s the world’s largest broadhead, boasting of a cutting diameter of up to 2.5 inches. When you add this to the fact that it flies with an accuracy only matched to that of the field points, you can’t deny that this is one of the deadliest turkey broadheads on the market today.

The replaceable broadhead, when shot accurately, hits with an adequate amount of force that equates to instant, ethical kill. Its replaceable blades come fully tested for strength on the ostrich (probably the toughest bird on mother planet) to ensure it can hold up to any hunting situation.

And the fact they’re made from aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium metals makes them highly durable (and reusable).

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Flight capabilities similar to those of field points
  • check
    2.5-inch cutting diameter
  • check
    Huge, instant kill
  • check
    Durable and reusable
  • check
    Ideal for hunting turkeys and other birds
  • check
    Come in a pack of 3

2. Kill Switch Dead 150 Grain Turkey Hunting Broadhead Arrowhead Review:

Without the Kill Switch Dead 150 Grain Turkey Hunting Broadhead, your turkey hunting gear isn’t complete! After shooting 230 wild birds, Keith Beam (the Double Bull Blinds co-founder) joined forces with the Dead Ringer to come up with this ultimate turkey broadhead that swims in overwhelming popularity all over the states.

One thing that puts the head on the map is the use of forward blade deployment technology which gives it a 1-3/4 inch flight width on top a devastating 5-inch cutting diameter…

Yes, you heard it right, 5” Cutting surface! Just like any other products from Dead Ringer, this broadhead boasts of unbeatable toughness- thanks to the T-6 ferrule and .032 stainless spring steel materials used in its construction.

And oh! This is the first ever mechanical turkey broadhead that will completely decapitate a turkey when shot precisely! It delivers a field point accuracy with no reduction in its flight velocity and penetration powers. It doesn’t matter what distance you’re shooting from, whether it's 10-50 yards, this is the killer broadhead for you!

Highlighted features:

  • check
    150-grain head for maximum range and impact
  • check
    Massive 5” razor sharp cutting diameter
  • check
    Designed for taking off the turkey’s head at a max. range
  • check
    Devastating 5-inch cutting surface-
  • check
    A Must Have broadhead for turkey hunters!
  • check
    Comes with a practice tip
  • check
    Enjoy Dead Ringer lifetime guarantee
  • check
    Bullet Point 2

3. BloodSport Wraith Broadheads Turkey Body Shot Review:

If you’re looking for an arrow head that works perfectly well with all the Wraith Series blades, BloodSport Wraith Broadheads Turkey Body Shot is the broadhead for you. This is because it comes with a universal ferrule that gives you an endless versatility when it comes to picking which blades you want to work with in your turkey chase endeavors.

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The most unique feature I love in this particular head is the scoop tail design. This sharply increases the efficiency of the broadhead in terms of in-flight accuracy as well as terminal performance. Also labeled the best broadhead for turkey body shots, this head will prove useful whenever you want to take down birds by making body shots.

Its head features a forward blades design, with a more compact 1 1/8 cutting diameter, so that it can easily penetrate the bird’s unusually elastic feathers, skin, and do magical destructions to the vital internal organs.

On top of all this, the broadhead is made from super-sturdy 100% stainless steel for increased lifespan!

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Universal ferrule
  • check
    Compatible with wraith series blades
  • check
    Made for taking body shots on the turkeys
  • check
    Cutting diameter: 1 1/8 inch
  • check
    100-grain weight
  • check
    Three broadheads per pack

4. New Archery Products 100 Grain 3-Pack Spitfire Gobbler Getter Review:

Without a single doubt, New Archery Products is one of the most respected names in the mechanical broadheads industry, more so when you think of the turkey broadheads that fall in their spitfire series- like this Spitfire Gobbler Getter.

Unlike other mechanicals out there, this Gobbler getter flies straight, with pinpoint accuracy, and stages a better performance, thanks to their ultra-sharp diamize blades that stand up together to give you the best even in the toughest hunting conditions.

A word of CAUTION: don’t test the diamize blades on your fingers; they’re the sharpest blades ever designed and might hurt you badly!!

You’ll also love the patented micro grooved ferrule that comes with this head given the fact that it does the biggest job in flying it at high accuracy and penetrate with greater powers than its rivals. It’s not a wonder that no other mechanical broadhead can fly as true as this spitfire!

And the best part? It comes engineered for optimal shock inducing power on hitting the bird, making it one among the few broadheads that instantly take down your target turkey on making contact.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Stainless steel blades (with Diamize edge)
  • check
    Cutting diameter: 1¼
  • check
    Inch-practice tips included
  • check
    Blades thickness: 3 x .030”
  • check
    3 per pack

5. Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead Review:

At least, Rage has heard the cry of turkey hunters who are used to losing countless birds. They’ve come up with the Xtreme Turkey Broadhead which puts an end to the issue of flopping-then-fleeing gobbler with a normal pass through.

How they eliminate that?

Well, the broadhead comes with a cut-on-contact tip that incorporates a pair of massive meat hook that will inflict total lethal damage to that turkey you’ve been chasing for hours. In other words, the meat hooks sufficiently slow down the arrow so that it anchors the bird.

This broadhead features a massive 1/8-inch cutting diameter and a two-blade slip-cam broadhead (with the two meat hooks) which join forces to stop the turkeys dead in their tracks instantly.

It’s also worth noting that this 100 gr. Turkey broadhead comes with a full aerodynamic, anodized, and precision-machined aluminum ferrule- paired with Rage’s Shock Collar- for the ultimate blade retention and reliable consistent when in use.

Get it from me: the Xtreme Turkey Broadhead has the potential of knocking out one or both wings from a turkey, making it one of the deadliest turkey broadheads on the market today!

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Anodized aluminum ferrule
  • check
    Meat hook cut-on-contact tip for minimal pass throughs
  • check
    2.3” cutting diameter
  • check
    2 per pack
  • check
    100 Grain
  • check
    .035 Blade Thickness
  • check
    Swept Back Blade Angle
  • check
    Bullet Point 2

6. Flying Arrow Tom Bomb Extreme Broadhead Review:

You can also spend very little on the Flying Arrow Tom Bomb Extreme Broadhead and count on it to handle any bird, including the turkeys, perfectly. This particular broadhead is made from high-quality materials to give it the strength it needs to give you its services for longer.

The Tom Bomb comes with forward curved blades that are meant to hook the birds back into the broadhead to keep it anchored. The blades make up a cutting diameter as big as 3.5 inches which ensure that the head makes a huge entry wound in your target that sends it to the ground instantly!

The helical blade design unique to this turkey broadhead helps accelerate it as it moves right through the air and through the bird's flesh…Plus the head has a chisel point that enables it to cut instantly on contacting the bird. With a grain weight of 100, you can bet on this head to execute its job at long ranges- say 10plus yards.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Helical blade design
  • check
    Chisel point
  • check
    Suitable for all game birds
  • check
    3.5" cutting diameter
  • check
    Comes in a pack of 3

7. Trophy Ridge Rocket Broadhead Hammerhead Review:

Our 7th turkey broadheads review goes to the Trophy Ridge Rocket Broadhead Hammerhead. This one will turn your good shots into great ones by devastating anything that stands in their path and creating an enormous entry and exits wounds that kill a bird instantly and makes blood trailing a thing of past.

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At a fantastic, pocket-friendly price, this arrowhead flies with a field point accuracy. Unlike their mechanical broadheads out there, it kills the turkey instantly…and if it doesn’t, it makes sure that the bird an incredibly visible blood trail so that you can recover it effortlessly.

Its 2 inches diameters might sound smaller compared to the others we’ve discussed in this post, but trust me; it does more damage on a turkey than you can imagine.

The fact that they come with a grain weight of 100 means that you can fire them from different distances without affecting their superior flight capabilities and penetrating powers.

The pin-shard head cuts impact. Because they’re made of aircraft-grade aluminum metal, they’ll serve you for longer periods.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    2.0-inch cut
  • check
    100-grain weight
  • check
    Mechanical three blade

8. Dirt Nap Gear Head Turkey Broadhead Review:

The Dirt Nap Gear Head Turkey Broadhead will make even the toughest and biggest Tom tremble in its giblet! It is a 4-blade turkey broadhead designed to deliver maximum shock power and limited penetration effect.

As you know, limited penetration is needed in turkey hunting as it disables the bird from flying or running, allowing you to recover it quickly.

The broadhead features the Dirt Nap’s Shred Head which is Teflon coated, that works hand in hand with the four blood-hungry blades to instantly disable a turkey. It comes with a 1 13/16 cutting surfaces (that is 5/8" non-removable bleeder blade and 1-3/16" main blade) which enable it to make wider entry and exits wounds into the bird's flesh.

For maximum strength and durability, the ferrule is constructed using the 70775 aircraft grade aluminum metal while the four blades are made from the super-sturdy 420J2 stainless steel. It comes with a grain weight of 125 and 100 (the choice is yours).

Don’t forget you’re getting all this quality and performance at an insanely low price!

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Turkey and small game head
  • check
    Balance of penetration and shock effect
  • check
    100 or 125 gr.
  • check
    Stainless steel Teflon® coated brown blades
  • check
    Aircraft grade aluminum black ferrule
  • check
    051" blade thickness
  • check
    Designed to disable turkeys and small game

Turkey Broadhead Buying Guide For Newbies

As long as there are different types of turkey broadheads to choose from, you’ll always encounter challenges when looking for the ideal model for your needs.

But with the following guide, the process will get much easier…

Decide what type of turkey broadhead you need

Before anything else, you need to define what type of turkey broadhead you want for your hunting needs. They come in three primary types namely fixed blade, replaceable blade and mechanical broadheads.

  • Fixed blade models have been in existence for the longest time and come with a cut-on-contact tip that lets it penetrate even the toughest areas of a bird.
  • As the name suggests, replaceable broadheads allow you to detach their blades for replacement or sharpening. They’ve impeccable flight and penetration capabilities off any bow.
  • These also come with unbeatable flight properties, but require some bit of tuning for the best performance.

Knowing the pros and cons of each of the three heads will make the section process much easier for you.

Number of blades

Though the number of blades is directly related to the type of broadhead you choose, let me address it separately.

The blade counts on your head have a direct impact on blood trail in the sense that the more the number of blades (over three blades will do), the higher the probability that at least two of them will cut the muscle tissue grain producing highly visible blood trails.


It is also important that you ensure the head(s) you intend to buy are made from high-quality, durable materials. This guarantee you’re a longer service life, with zero cases of wear after hours of practice.

Mind you, if you paid attention to the types of material used to make the ten best turkey broadheads we review above, you’ve noticed that they all bear highly durable materials.


What’s the total weight of the turkey broadhead you’re; buying?

According to the industry experts, you should pick a head that weighs around 100-gr if using the lightweight aluminum or carbon shafts.

For heavier aluminum shafts, go for the 125-gr heads.

Cutting diameter (blade thickness)

The larger the cutting diameter of a given turkey broadhead- and to an extent, the blade thickness- the better it’s destined to execute its job.


Because a larger diameter plus thicker blade will create a larger entry as well as exit wound in a turkey. This means that the bird will be fully disabled and can’t run or fly.

And if it manages to move, the wounds plus internal organs damages will bleed enough to give you a clear blood rail for easy recovery.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been losing all your birds after hitting them, this is your chance to increase your recovery rate by taking advantage of any of the ten all-time best broadheads for turkey hunting I’ve suggested to you above.

I made my selection carefully to ensure I only provide you with extremely affordable broadheads that give you actual results with almost any type of bow, and you’ll get the most out of all your turkey hunting excursions.

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