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twitchysmurfy - October 22, 2019

Where are the links for the shirts and merch? You said below and they are not.

Caleb J. - January 25, 2020

God bless spread his word!

EthanTOOsmooth - February 25, 2020

Thanks man

Myron Laidler - February 29, 2020

Strap release to bow at days end you will always have it, put in your case.
give gut shot deer 8 hours liver shot 4.If you shoot 3-D enough you should be able to judge yardage well enough that a
yardage finder would be unnecessary for most ethical shots on whitetails.This eliminates extra movement .Hunting out west for
Mule Deer or Elk a range finder is an asset because shooting might be at longer ranges!Great content,should help newbe bow hunters!!


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