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Dawson VanderLugt - July 2, 2019

Hi, my line keeps bird nesting and I don't know how to stop it. I use a spinning reel and my line is just not staying tight around the reel. I think it still has its memory. How can I resolve this? I love your videos too!

Paul Van Tries - July 2, 2019

Hey everybody, Give Glen a thumbs up before watching. He earned it & deserves much more !
Many thanks Glen ,now on with the show

Josiah Clark - July 2, 2019

Loving the tips! Keep them coming!

Joshua Graham - July 2, 2019

Glen you are awesome and super helpful. I learn so much from you!! Thank you.

Jim min - July 2, 2019

Great info thanks..

Perpetual Fishing - July 2, 2019

I'm so glad I found this channel. No vlogs, No nonsense, Just knowledge and information every bass fisherman should know.

tonymaxedon - July 2, 2019

10 seconds in and bammo! SWEET!

Shiryu610 - July 2, 2019

"You will find cover without bass but no bass without cover!"

Todd P - July 3, 2019

01:13 And all this time I've wondered why I wasn't getting any bites while using a drop shot in my bathtub.

Bobby Hayes - July 3, 2019

Love your videos. U helped me get my pb thank u keep them videos coming

Bassin Squatch - July 3, 2019

Glen, you sure do like Potholes I see.

brickey mark - July 3, 2019

awesome video! i sure appreciate the great tips for a rookie fisherman.

Michael Barnish - July 3, 2019

Good tips Glenn. I do my best to put your tips into practice.

Roger Ford - July 4, 2019

More awesome content Glenn!

I especially love number 9. When I first started bass fishing, I belonged to a San Francisco club called "The Bassholes." (That's why I'm "The Smiling BassHole.")

I rode with another member because I didn't have my own boat. We'd leave the docks, race across the lake, and pull up to docks and fish. I always wondered: "Why didn't we fish the docks where we put in?"

And now I fish every likely spot, believing I could connect. One bass can make an entire day!

Thanks again!

John - July 4, 2019

Great video!! Excellent explanation on the tips. Keep up the good work!!! God Bless!!

BassGeek - July 5, 2019

Great info to get you started and this is how you gain confidence in a bait. All of it.

ちゃんねるしげ - July 6, 2019


Robert Brandywine - July 11, 2019

What was the lure cast at 1:48?

Heather Whitman - September 10, 2019

Way cool video Josh. Those boys are jacked

D. Love - September 28, 2019

No one ever says how you go about "Matching the hatch".
How does one match the hatch? What, a throw net? Catch a bass and cut it open?


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