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The Complete Guide to Freshwater Striped Bass

Everything you need to know to catch one of North America’s strongest game fish. by Pete Elkins It began in 1941 when a dam was built on the tidal Cooper River near Pinopolis, South Carolina. The dam created Lake Moultrie, the lower of the twin impoundments comprised by the Santee–Cooper reservoir, and trapped thousands of […]

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Video: Perfecting Your Pistol Presentation From Holster

More than just yanking your heater from its hanger, pistol presentation requires executing some well-timed movement. Here are the basics. Putting it all together. It’s not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, but with work perfecting your pistol presentation gives you a decided advantage in a self-defense situation. You’ll have your pistol […]

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Video: Developing A Proper Shooting Stance

Pistol marksmanship is built from the ground up. Get on target by learning the basics of the proper shooting stance. Much like a boxer wouldn’t throw a punch standing straight up, you shouldn’t pull the trigger locked linearly above your feet. Proper shooting stance—what some might call a “fighting stance”—is foundational to controlling your handgun, […]

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Best Tips For Pre-Season Turkey Scouting

We’re excited for the new season to start and can’t wait to hit the woods. Philip Culpepper is hoping to get a head start on some Alabama birds with a pre-season scouting trip. He visits a few familiar spots and relives some memorable hunts. With the season less than a month away, he also deploys […]

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Cherry-Chipotle Goose Jerky

My favorite jerky flavor combination is sweet and salty, and if I could add fruit into my recipes, the better. The problem I’ve had with whole muscle jerky is that it’s difficult to get much fruit flavor to come through — marinating only goes so far. The solution was to make ground meat jerky. Dried […]

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