5 Steps to Build a Food Plot on an Ultra Low Budget

5 Steps to Build a Food Plot on an Ultra Low Budget

Here’s how to build a food plot without a ton of money or land.

Ever wonder how, or even when to start a food plot? Bowtech Ambassador and wildlife biologist Jeremy Starks shows you the basic principles you should consider now for a great food plot next year.

How To:

Step 1: Choose a location based on animal activity or simply the land you have available.

Step 2: Spray a weed killer and wait 2-3 weeks for vegetation to die off.

Step 3: Mow very close to the ground to mulch the area. Spray and mow again about 2 weeks later, leaving the vegetation on the ground.

Step 4: Seed with a cover crop like winter wheat to hold over the fall and winter.

Step 5: Seed again in late winter, even in the snow, with your main food plot crop like Ladino Clover or Chicory Blend.

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Jeremy Starks is a Bowtech Ambassador and member of Mafia Outdoors T.V. He’s also a biologist, former professional bass angler and two-time Bassmaster Elite Series champion.

He has fished or hunted all over the world and has a particular passion for studying and bowhunting whitetail.

He developed an interest in the outdoors at a young age while tagging along on trips with his father. At the age of ten, his first “wildlife research” involved trapping muskrats in a box trap. Unable to kill them he decided to release the muskrats with a decorated blaze orange tail. Little did he know that this would lead to a lifetime dedicated to studying wildlife.

These days his focus is primarily on archery hunting and education about wildlife habitat improvement.

Whether in a treestand or on the front of a bass boat, Jeremy feels right at home.


Source: Deer Hunting | Wide Open Spaces

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