Monthly Archives: December 2019

Venison Mockstrap

  I often have people mistake my stuffed venison hindquarter cuts for backstraps. If you treat them right, they can be just as tender, especially if they’re removed from a young doe. The first step is to separate each muscle from the hindquarter. Using a sharp boning knife, work along the sinew that separates the […]

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Bacon-Wrapped Venison Backstrap

It’s not what you think. This recipe takes the relationship between bacon and venison to a whole new level. Picture a seasoned venison backstrap, topped with chopped mushrooms and totally encased in crispy bacon. If your deer was a small one, you might have to use a pair of backstraps. Since the recipe specifies the […]

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The Other Red Meat: Tips for Preparing Venison

Deer season has wrapped up and meat processors are busy preparing venison steaks, chops, stew meat, sausage and anything else requested by hunters delivering their prizes. Freezers will soon be full once again with enough meat to last the year. But, in about six weeks, you will open that freezer door and think to yourself, […]

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