Monthly Archives: January 2018

How to Cook Venison Rocky Mountain Oysters

The Cast-Iron ChefI’ve never eaten rocky mountain oysters, nor made them in my kitchen. But inspiration came after tagging my first whitetail in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. If you’ve never tried the dangly woodland berries yourself, man are you missing out. Some may squirm in their chairs, cross their legs, and cringe, but truly […]

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Know-How: Throw Coyotes a Change-Up

Whether you have access to only one farm or limited time to visit a nearby public parcel, it’s common to call coyotes on the same ground over and over again. To avoid the dreaded no-show of cultured coyotes you need to interject some savvy into your hunts. Be unpredictable when calling the same ground. Start by […]

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Recipe: Ginger Vension

Some years ago, my son and I each scored on two old muley bucks. It was during the rut, and the deer had a peculiar, typical offensive odor. Normally, I make stew or chili out of “gamey” venison, but sometimes that doesn’t work. A family member who lived in Hawaii for several years suggested I try […]

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