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How to Grow Big Bucks on Small Property

Most of us would agree that buying a piece of hunting property is a huge commitment. One of the biggest challenges is determining if the land has that potential to pay off after the secondary investment of hard work has been made.Travis lacked farm equipment, but he was able to borrow his grandfather’s tractor and […]

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Top 10 Trophy Whitetail States

Many of the states in our glorious nation provide great hunting, but only a few have the whitetail genetics to regularly produce typical giants scoring 170 inches, or nontypical behemoths that measure 195 inches or more—the minimums to make Boone & Crockett’s all-time record book.The Top 10 trophy whitetail states featured here are the best […]

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Trail Cam Captures Graphic Pics of Coyotes Killing Trophy Buck

Nature taking its course or proof for predator control? We all know deer management is necessary to ensure sustainability for the species. Part of this initiative relies on predator control as a means to save our favorite animal. We also know that nature isn’t one big Disney movie and that survival of the fittest also comes into play. So, what are your […]

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How to Build a Bowfishing Platform

The shooting platform was nearly 9 feet square and about 3 feet above the helm deck of this foot flat-bottomed jon boat. It came to my ear one afternoon as I channel-surfed past the hunting and fishing shows on television, and then backed up a couple of clicks on the remote. Hats and Flowers Wholesale? Now […]

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Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe

Ground venison, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheddar cheese and veggies baked into a meat pie fit for a hunter. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley)Easy-to-make and great as leftovers, this Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe is a complete meal in every sliceYou may recognize this recipe as shepherd’s pie, but we won’t call it that. This dish is […]

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