Monthly Archives: September 2017

How a New York Times Writer Tracked Down Donald Trump, Jr. While Hunting

Donald Trump Jr.David Becker/Getty ImagesLuke Dittrich, a writer for the New York Times Magazine, managed to track down Donald Trump Jr.after he ditched his US Secret Service detail and embarked on a bow-hunting expedition in the Canadian wilderness.Dittrich says he received a phone call from a friend who was in Whitehorse, Canada’s Yukon Territory, and […]

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Common Food Plot Mistakes

These are the most common problems hunters face when planting food plots.With so much information available at our fingertips, you would think planting a food plot would be simple. Throw out some seed, watch it grow and let the deer come to you. However, if you’ve ever planted a plot, you most likely know it’s not all sunshine and […]

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5 Factors For Success With A Traditional Bow

Those who grew up with compounds and releases think there’s voodoo involved while shooting fingers and without sights and let-off. They believe this because they can’t imagine shooting without mechanical crutches. Shooting traditional bows well is more difficult because it’s difficult for most to let go of those crutches, but also simpler because of the […]

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Bowhunter Attacked by Grizzly in Montana

A bowhunter in southwestern Montana had a close call on Monday, September 4, when a grizzly bear charged and attacked him, resulting in a 16-inch gash in his head that required 90 stitches to close. According to the Associated Press, Tom Sommer and his hunting partner were tracking an elk they had been calling in the southern […]

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South Dakota seasons will stay the same for hunting mountain lions in 2017-2018

SIOUX FALLS — South Dakota’s seasons for hunting mountain lions shouldn’t change, members of state government’s Game, Fish and Parks Commission decided Friday. They chose to leave everything the same for the coming Black Hills season, which opens Dec. 26, and the prairie season that runs year-round. That includes the hound hunts and on-foot hunts in Custer […]

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