Monthly Archives: September 2017

Common Food Plot Mistakes

These are the most common problems hunters face when planting food plots.With so much information available at our fingertips, you would think planting a food plot would be simple. Throw out some seed, watch it grow and let the deer come to you. However, if you’ve ever planted a plot, you most likely know it’s not all sunshine and […]

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5 Factors For Success With A Traditional Bow

Those who grew up with compounds and releases think there’s voodoo involved while shooting fingers and without sights and let-off. They believe this because they can’t imagine shooting without mechanical crutches. Shooting traditional bows well is more difficult because it’s difficult for most to let go of those crutches, but also simpler because of the […]

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How to Hunt Fall Turkeys

After the long summer of waiting, it’s finally fall. Orange, red and yellow leaves shimmer in the autumn morning sunlight. Crisp air revitalizes us after months of steaming days; reason enough to be out in the painted woods. For some of us, the shifting seasons mean one thing: fall turkey hunting. Some 42 states offer opportunities […]

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