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Elk romp at secret Fight Club locale

Craig Jourdonnais was amazed when he stumbled upon what might be “Fight Club” for young bull elk. He was hiking in western Montana — he politely declined to be more specific — when he came to an area where a number of trails intersected. “I first thought they were hunters’ trails, but there wasn’t any blazing to […]

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8 Major Differences Between Whitetails and Mule Deer

Which One Do You Prefer to Hunt?Do you prefer to hunt whitetails or mulies? (Shutterstock/Cray Hennessy/Rick Falser photo)Hunters have been chasing whitetails and mule deer for thousands of years. Each species offers a very unique adventure that outdoorsmen cherish. Some just hunt one or the other. Others have hunted and continue to hunt both. The two species of deer […]

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Black bear or grizzly? Should hunters be tested on knowing the difference?

Chart compares characteristics of black bears and grizzly bears. (Be Bear Aware Campaign)HUNTING — Should Washington bear hunters be tested to prove they can tell the difference between a black bear and a protected grizzly? That requirement is already in effect in Montana, but just now being considered as a proposal in Washington, where grizzlies are more […]

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Know-How: Crossbow Hacks

Attach a Possibles Bag​Like muzzleloaders, crossbows require several items that can spell fiasco if you forget them. So add them to a possibles pouch, and attach the pouch directly to your crossbow so you’ll always have them. On crossbows without a raised comb, purchase a removable cheekpiece, like one from Blackhawk, that has a zippered pocket. […]

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Use Summer Glassing for Whitetail Scouting

Trail cameras have replaced summertime glassing for many of us. If you’re dealing with a little property, like anything under 40 acres, this might be a winning strategy. After all, you only get so many passes in any given woods before the deer have had enough.If you’ve got access to something larger, skipping the old-school […]

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