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5 Simple Postseason Trail Camera Strategies

So, Christmas has come and gone, the annual ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show is over and your deer season has most likely come to a close. So now what? Well, don’t put your trail cameras away just yet. Even though the whitetail hunting season may be over (or close to it for most areas) you […]

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The Expert’s Guide to Stalking Elk

Forget Calling: The Strategy Behind Stalking Elk For the better part of 20 years my bowhunting life revolved around trying to coax public land bull elk into bow range. Calling elk is something I dearly love and my hunting partners and I have had many encounters and a good amount of successful hunts using this […]

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Iowa: New Rules for Apprentice Hunting Licenses

The new license allows the teen to hunt under the direct supervision of an adult hunter.  The apprentice hunting license includes the habitat fee and is available at a cost of 30- dollars for residents with all others paying 123- dollars. Just be aware that there must be one licensed adult hunter for each apprentice […]

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How Small Properties Can Equal Big Bucks

Were you born in a farming family? Did you win a recent Powerball lottery? Is Ted Turner your uncle … how about Donald Trump? If the answer is “no” to the previous questions you may be in the same boat as many hunters. You’re stuck hunting a small property. What’s the definition of a small property? It […]

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Hunter Grabs a Live Buck by the Antler

Several years back, while I was living in Montana, I met a dude that lived down the valley from where I lived by the name of Chris Auch. Chris is an avid bowhunter with a particular passion for antelope and mule deer hunting. I knew Chris had a knack for getting close to critters on his bowhunts, but one video that […]

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