Monthly Archives: June 2016

Grilled Venison Backstrap Fit for a Vegan

Hunters probably don’t normally hang out with vegans, but some of our friends have made poor life choices. And we all have that one family members who looks down on a bloody deer steak. If you happen to have one of these folks in your social circle, there is a way to save them from […]

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Molting: When and Why Deer Lose Their Hair

A close-up at the whitetail’s molting process. This doe is losing her winter coat – fast. She will soon don the clay-red hairs of summer. (Stealth Cam photo by Daniel Schmidt) If you have trail cameras out, you’ve probably noticed some really ratty-looking deer out there. I’ve received many inquiries here at D&DH, and the […]

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If You Love Breakfast, Try This Awesome Venison Sausage Pie

If you’re like me, breakfast isn’t just something to eat in the morning. Right? Bacon, eggs, venison sausage, hot biscuits with honey or sorghum or jam, grits with butter and maybe cheddar cheese, fresh fruit with yogurt, maybe some fried taters with onions … doggone, that sounds good. Venison Shepherd’s Pie is a different version […]

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