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Chipotle Elk Sliders

  Here’s a recipe you can use with your ground game, whether it’s elk, antelope, or deer. I like to make a batch of these ahead of time, then vacuum seal and freeze them. You can take them right out of the freezer, put them on the grill or in a skillet and they’ll be a perfect medium rare by the time they’re cooked. For extr [...]

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Top 5 Fall Deer Habitat and Hunting Time Wasters

Our time to work on deer habitat and hunting activities is precious. There are Fall deer habitat improvements that will significantly boost our deer hunting efforts and there are several that can not only waste your time, but actually reduce your potential of hunting success. Top Fall deer habitats include improvements that will guide your hunting efforts towards success. R [...]

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Wisconsin: DNR Offers Online Series for Deer Hunters

Wisconsin’s traditional 9-day gun deer season is over a month away, but the Department of Natural Resources is offering a series of educational and informational videos and podcasts to get hunters up-to-speed on the 2019 hunt.  Wild Wisconsin is in its 3rd online season with new insights, resources and recipes to help make this your best hunt yet.  Topics range [...]

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Deer Bow Hunting Tips | How to Prepare for the Shot

One of the most overlooked aspects of archery hunting whitetail deer is knowing how to mentally prepare for a shot. With stick and string, everything has to go perfect, and using your time waiting for a deer to show up is critical to preparing for every possible scenario that can be thrown at you. Many of the common mistakes such as misjudging distance, missed anchor points [...]

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Basic Moon Phase Tips for Deer Hunting

The best moon phase tips for deer hunting is that while the moon phases have been proven over and over again not to influence the timing of the rut. However, you should still consider the role that the moon can potentially can play in your deer hunting forecast. Can you plan your hunt purely based on the current moon phase? Probably not. I have experienced that outside of a [...]

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