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Post Rut – The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting

To be successful elk hunting, you need to find an elk. To do that, you need to understand the needs of elk and where they go to satisfy those needs. In this series sponsored by Leupold Optics, Randy breaks down the 5 phases of elk hunting with easy to understand explanations. The primary need a bull elk needs during this time is sanctuary, sanctuary, sanctuary. The bulls [...]

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5 Hot Treestand Setup Tips For Big Bucks

There are 5 hot treestand setup tips that you can be using this season to shoot a big buck, and one treestand setup tip that can save your life. These are the treestand strategies that every deer hunter should follow as a foundation for their next great hunt for the oldest bucks in the neighborhood. Before you climb into a new treestand setup this Fall, make sure that you a [...]

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How to Hang a Double Ladder Treestand With One Person!

Follow John Royer as he replaces a double ladder treestand on his property in clarion county Pennsylvania. John shows a unique tool to use to help setup a heavy treestand safely with one person. This will be the treestand John and Danielle will use for the early muzzleloader and archery season and during the Pennsyvlania gun deer season. Original Source [...]

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Venison Meatloaf – Comfort Food!

With most Americans spending time at home right now, its a great opportunity to do some home cooking and eat the meat stored in your freezers.  If you had a plentiful hunting season, it could also be a nice time to share some meat with non-hunting family and neighbors. Good Old Venison Meatloaf Ingredients: 1.5 lb. ground venison 2 eggs ½ cup of quick oats [...]

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Washington Man Illegally Killed Bears, Deer and Elk

PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) — A western Washington man has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for hunting violations in one of the largest poaching cases in state history. Jason Hutt, 29, of Sequim was sentenced last week in Clallam County Superior Court after entering an Alford plea to five counts of unlawful hunting of big game and single counts of waste of [...]

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Blackened Venison Backstrap

The key to blackening is to use a heavy skillet, preferably cast iron, and screaming-hot heat. Restaurants that serve blackened meats and fish keep a white-hot skillet over a burner at all times. I highly recommend that you open the doors and windows and provide as much ventilation as possible. Done properly, there’s plenty of smoke. [...]

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