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Bow Maintenance Tips – Easy Care for Year Round Success

Justin Zarr and Jerry Tepps give some bow maintenance tips, and talk about some of the everyday tools needed to fix minor issues with your bow. What is Bowhunt or Die? Bowhunt or Die is our webshow that is dedicated to bow hunting. We do everything from bow hunting elk through bow hunting turkey. Subscribe for new bow hunting videos through out the year! And of cour [...]

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Turkey Calling: Late Season Tips That Work

Turkey Calling in late season is different - by far. This is a great turkey hunt with up close footage. Turkey calling, especially in late season is not about how to use a mouth call, or turkey calling with friction vs. mouth calls. It's about knowledge of turkeys turkey behavior. You cannot approach turkey calling in late season the same way just because it's still t [...]

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#1 Bowhunting Practice Tip

While it has been over 8 1/2 years since I originally wrote this article in 2010, https://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions.com/blog/stretch-your-archery-limits-for-bowhunting-success, the message is still the same! The #1 bowhunting practice tip that you can use this season is that longer is better when you are at the archery range. Shooting longer allows you to stretch your l [...]

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Cabela’s Tips for Using Deer Decoys

On this episode of Cabela’s Whitetail Season, we enlist the use of deer decoys to get the attention of a territorial buck in the early season. Using a deer decoy helps hunters on the ground and in the stand. Be sure to set up your deer decoy close to your stand in an open, visible area to get him within bow range. The position of the decoy isn't very important as deer wil [...]

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Deer Calling Tips | How to Grunt Deer into Bow Range

There are a ton of deer calling tutorials out there, but none like this one! We use actual hunts to show you how to call to deer. Bow hunters see deer crossing at a distance all the time, but will never come into range. It is in those situations you can use a grunt call to bring them right to your tree! We walk you through a few different encounters with deer that all requi [...]

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Smoked Haunch of Venison with Rosemary & Thyme

Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching, so it's time to think about what you'll serve for holiday dinner. If you're keen on serving wild game this year, there's nothing quite like presenting a large leg roast at the dinner table. Venison haunch is an apt way to celebrate all the blessings and bounty of the past year, and to herald in the new one. Choose hindqu [...]

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